2020 Genesis G90 Prices, Reviews, and Pictures

Genesis G90 Genesis G90 is a full-size luxury car that was designed to provide an excellent ride for passengers and the driver. With a powerful V8 engine engines and turbocharged options The G90 is able to reach speed quickly while maintaining an energised and calm driving. Its Genesis G90 made its US debut in the year 2017 with a new version. It comes with the luxury and modern technology of the other top super-premium cars, but at an affordable price.


The Genesis G90 ticks almost all the boxes a premium luxury car should be able to tick. It’s loaded with options and the interior design and fit is extremely premium quality. But, there are areas where luxury cars have an advantage and this is evident in the prices of competitors. However however, the G90 is a great value in the category of full-size luxury sedans.

Trims and Pricing

Genesis G90 Genesis G90 is available in two trim levels: it’s 3.3T Standard as well as the 5.0L Ultimate. The two trims are available with rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive.

The 3.3T Premium trim is priced at $73,000, and is equipped with an 3.3 Liter V6 turbo twin engine. The all-wheel drive model adds approximately $2500 more to the price. The standard equipment that comes with the 3.3T Ultimate trim is an 12.3 inch touch screen that supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay 17 speakers Lexicon sound system Bluetooth connectivity, LED adaptive headlights air-conditioned seats that can be adjusted to suit your needs and heated rear seats. panoramic sunroof, as well as numerous security features, including a blind spot camera monitoring, forward-collision alert and automated braking, lane-departure alert and lane-keep aid, as well as an adaptive cruise controller.

The 5.0L Ultimate price starts at $77,000 for the back-wheel drive model and around $79,000 for an all-wheel drive model. If you choose to go with the 5.0L Ultimate gets you a 5.0L naturally aspirated V8 engine. It also includes additional features of luxury along with the standard features that come with the 3.3T Premium trim. These include, but aren’t only limited to power-adjustable rear seats that reclines, back seat memory and ventilated back seats.

Engine and Performance

The G90 comes with two different options for powertrains.

The 3.3T Premium trim comes equipped with an 3.3 Liter twin turbocharged V6 which produces 360 horses at the 6000 RPM as well as 376 lb-ft of torque when it is at 1300 RPM. EPA estimate for 3.3T Premium model are 17 mpg in city driving 25 mpg on the highway and an estimated combined efficiency of 20 mpg.

Its 5.0L Ultimate trim comes equipped with the 5.0L naturally aspirated engine that produces 405 horsepower at 6000 RPM and 383 lb-ft torque at 5500 RPM. EPA estimations that the 5.0L Ultimate include 15 mpg in city driving 24 mpg for highway use (23 in the four-wheel drive version) and the combined at 19 (18 for the all-wheel drive variant).

Each of the 3.3T Premium and 5.0L Ultimate are available with all-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive. Both are powered by an eight-speed auto gearbox.


Genesis G90 Genesis G90 comes equipped standard with Nappa Leather and has several interior color options , including Black, Beige, Dark Brown, Havana, or two-tone combinations of these. Front seats can be heated and ventilated. Likewise, the back seats are heated as well as the option of ventilation. The interior also has elements like wood trim or the brushed look of metal. The overall impression of the interior is high-end as well as the finish and fit are excellent, especially considering the price. However, there are some controls and touch points that the quality isn’t as good as what one would expect from the top luxury cars.

There are many features to choose from and it’s difficult to imagine anything that the G90 lacks. The G90 comes with all of the latest safety features that you’d expect to find such as but not limited to blind sport monitor adaptive cruise control that allows Stop and Go, as well as automated stopping. The controls are simple and easy to operate and the addition of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is always appreciated since they’re incredibly intuitive , and the interface is clear and pleasing to look at. Its Lexicon Stereo sound system provides excellent sound quality and will surely please even audiophiles.

The interior space is adequate for both rear and front passengers. However, like other cars in this class The G90 isn’t equipped with folding rear seats, meaning that storage space may be limited in the event of carrying heavy objects. There is however the trunk access.

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